Customized Mobile Web enables you to reach every web-enabled phone in the world.

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CliqLaunch provides our clients the tools to attract and engage new customers through an innovative and cost effective revenue stream. The CliqLaunch Platform is a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that not only allows a company to make the PC to Mobile transition, but also allows for marketing efforts to be deployed on the mobile web without the need for IT to be involved. The platform is a scalable cloud based SaaS environment or can be migrated to a client based server environment.

When it comes to a mobile strategy – how strong is your signal?

SiteMinis mobile web Apps work on all mobile platforms (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows and Symbian-
iPad's/tablets and Readers). NO DOWNLOAD NEEDED ON ANY PHONE EVER- only a mobile browser- all the
while SiteMinis mobile web Apps work and look as great as an iPhone Native App on MOST phones globally.
In other words, a mobile web site that looks and acts like an App across 95% mobile devices

SiteMinis' mobile web Apps work across all leading mobile platforms, are not tied to wireless companies and
deliver functionality that you can't imagine will work for all of your customers. SiteMinis mobile web Apps work
across 6000+ different phones - Globally Compliant Cross Platform Operating Systems (Symbian, JavaME,
Windows Mobile, Linus, Palm, Brew, iPhone, & BlackBerry, Android) on phones, tablets and readers.

  • SiteMinis has a tremendous market opportunity as today's consumers are increasingly taking their online
    shopping business mobile. More than 33.3 million U.S. consumers already engage in shopping-related
    activities on their mobile devices, with 7%, or 2.3 million of those consumers having made a purchase
    on their devices. (Experian Simmons; 2011 Mobile Consumer Report).

  • SiteMinis has entered into a strong partnership relationship with Savvis, a CenturyLink Company. This
    contract leverages Savvis existing business in bringing the value added mobile technology to Savvis
    hosted eComm sites. SiteMinis was chosen by Savvis as the preferred mobile web platform provider
    after an extensive review of over 40 other companies participating in this business sector. Siteminis was
    identified as a company that is a premier leader in implementing mobile technology into its clients
    marketing process.
  • SiteMinis has built entire mobile web Apps in HTML5 while incorporating a branded experience that is
    second to none across all platforms.  One of the many benefits of SiteMinis coding in .NET vs. WAP is the
    brand carries across without digressing to text/links/broken functionality on 95% of the phones globally,
    while a WAP site will digress to text/links quickly, losing all aesthetics of the brand immediately.


  • Transition to CliqLaunch today - with the same WAP, Proxy, Scraped or Responsive Designed sites; and
    SiteMinis will transform the mobile experience across every vertical, company wide for true mobile innovation.

    Sign up for a demo today - email:,,, or